April 16, 2024: Uncorking Success: Project Managing Damiani Wine Cellars (in person)

Speaker: Damiani Wine Cellars

Tour the Damiani Wine Cellars production facility and learn about project managing a winery from grape selection to distribution.

Project managing a winery involves overseeing the entire wine production process, from grape cultivation to bottle sales. It requires a blend of agricultural knowledge, business acumen, and project management skills. Join PMI Rochester's Ithaca Branch for a tour of Damiani Wine Cellars production facility and learn from winery experts what it takes to project manage a complex network of production, sales, and distribution. After the tour, we will have to opportunity to taste 6 Damiani wines!


March 13, 2024: How To Be A Rock Star PM (virtual)

Speaker: Mindy Ziembiek

How To Be a Rock Star PM (bottom line?? Relationship building 😊) • Inspirational leadership • Project management competency • Flexibility • Team building • Great stakeholder engagement • Problem solving and decision making skills • Stay cool and display grace under pressure

January 24, 2024 (rescheduled from January 17): Managing the Unknown (virtual)

Speaker: Elisabete Godden

A personal account of how the administration of emergency-related projects served as a springboard for lean management, design/build, and risk management innovation. Communicating with project partners, managing expectations early in the process, and setting boundaries and goals while remaining flexible were key elements of success. Above all, fostering a positive, can-do attitude, and team effort helped the process and project feel achievable within a short period of time for execution. A group activity will allow participants to brainstorm other strategies for fast-track solutions and achieving results in the face of uncertainty.



November 7, 2023: What is a Business Relationship Manager (hybrid)

Speaker: Rebecca Joffrey

Often as project managers, we get asked to act as the representative of a particular business unit or domain. Join us for an insightful talk that delves into the dynamic and vital role of a Business Relationship Manager (BRM). In today's interconnected and fast-paced business world, the BRM plays a pivotal role in ensuring the success of organizations. Whether you're a seasoned professional looking to sharpen your BRM skills or someone curious about the responsibilities of this essential position, this event is for you.

September 12, 2023: ChatGPT Practical Prompts: A Guide for Project Managers (virtual)

Speaker: Kristian Bainey

Ready to revolutionize your project management skills? Join us as we dive into the world of ChatGPT, an incredibly powerful language model that's about to become your new best friend in assisting you in managing projects! We'll start with a warm introduction to ChatGPT, giving you the fundamentals on what it is and how it works. Then, we'll take you on a journey to explore its incredible abilities it can help with in project management in seconds with the correct prompts.
We'll show you how ChatGPT can make the foundation of project documentation like a business case or project charter a breeze for you to customize like a pro saving you endless hours. We'll also demonstrate how it can help you create summarizations, decision making analysis, critical paths, cause-and-effect diagrams, Earned value management, power/interest grids, agile user stories and more in no time.
But wait, there's more! We'll spill the beans on clever tips and tricks to make the most of ChatGPT in your daily project management tasks as well as using ChatGPT to help pass the PMP exam.
To wrap it all up, we'll host a fun and interactive learning session for you to review everything we've covered and get some hands-on experience with ChatGPT. So come along and discover how you can level up your project management skills with this game-changing AI tool!

March 15, 2023: Business Analysis for the Project Manager (virtual)

Speaker: Chris Brown

Business Analysis for Project Managers looks at the project lifecycle as a whole and identifies what business analysis processes and deliverables are important at what phases. Business analysis needs to be done on a project whether a Business Analyst (BA) is assigned or not. Very often people are doing business analysis without realizing that’s what they’re doing. If no BA is assigned to a project, then the Project Manager will need to ensure the work is being done by others, if not do it themselves. This presentation will summarize all the BA tasks that should be performed, and the deliverables that should be produced, so that the PM can ensure that structure is being brought to the business analysis process on their projects.

January 25, 2023: Walking in Others' Shoes (virtual)

Speaker: Tanya Grove

Developed by the SAGE ACT Regional Network, the Intersectionality Walk helps us to understand how a person’s multiple identities can compound advantages or disadvantages.

Participants assume realistic, multifaceted personas in simulated work-based scenarios in the Walk. Each persona has characteristics from vulnerable or minority population groups, for example, their gender, age, socioeconomic status, cultural background, disability, and sexuality.


September 30, 2023: Construction and Building Design Industry Processes from Concept to Completion (virtual)

Speaker: Mike Berry

This topic is intended to give a general overview of the processes, procedures, skills, actions, etc. required for managing a construction and building design industry project from initiation to completion.


October 22, 2021:  Project Management Lessons from FOLIO at Cornell... or, how implementing an open-source system that is still in development is like climbing a mountain with a 10-year old - Speaker:  Debra Howell

At the beginning of July 2021, Cornell University Library made a giant leap to the future by implementing an innovative integrated library system (ILS) called FOLIO, becoming the first large research library in the world to migrate to the platform. The journey to the successful go-live was filled with victories, road blocks, detours, and dead ends. Join Debra Howell, FOLIO project manager, as she shares her lessons learned and reflections on a project that stretched her to the limits of her knowledge, resources, and sense of humor.


June 10, 2020:  Mastering the Art of Humanness in Project Management:  Serving Others Through Powerful Communications - Speaker:  Dana Lynn Bernstein

March 4, 2020:  What's Trust Got to Do With It - Speaker:  Michael Swenson

Trust and communication is the single most critical component of a successful leader and organization.  When there is high trust and communication, productivity goes up and cost goes down.  And when there is low trust and communication, productivity and innovation goes down and cost goes up.  Come learn about emotional maturity, the importance of language, and how to use a method of trust transformation with leaders, teams and individuals to build the culture you desire.

January 22, 2020:  The Tradeoff Matrix - Speaker:  Greg Busby

Shape the direction of your project by learning how to identify and balance the triple constraints.  Learn about the dimensions of and the tradeoffs between the Project Manager's triple constraints, how to help project leadership choose the driver among them by talking through different scenarios, and how to communicate the decision to the project team so that their guidance is clear.


November 13, 2019:  Resiliency - Speaker:  Debra Howell

Join us to learn the six competencies that make up resiliency: self-awareness, self-regulation, optimism, mental agility, strengths of character, and connection. Participants will learn a set of skills that will enhance their effectiveness and well-being by building their mental toughness. These skills will also develop your ability to understand the thoughts, emotions, and behaviors of yourself and others.


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