The President shall be the chief executive officer for the Rochester Chapter with Branches and of the Board and shall perform such duties as are customary for presiding officers. The President shall serve as a member ex-officio with the right to vote on all committees except the Nominating Committee.  The President shall also, at his/her discretion, make business decisions in the Chapter’s interest in areas not defined by the bylaws.

  • Responsible for achieving the chapter vision, mission and objectives as detailed by the chapter board, PMI and chapter strategic plans
  • Direct the activities of other officers toward chapter goals and objectives
  • Serve as the primary liaison with PMI®
  • Ensure the charter renewal is updated and that the chapter is in compliance as specified by PMI
  • Preside over the Board meetings and the annual general membership meeting
  • Ensure all chapter business is being done legally and ethically
  • Legally represent the organization (a dual responsibility – President & VP of Finance)
  • Ensuring chapter coverage and payment to PMI each year
  • Ensuring Board members understand and abide by provisions of policy
  • Representing the Rochester Chapter at the annual Leadership Institute Meeting PMI meeting (LIM), or arrange representation if unable to attend
  • Representing the Rochester Chapter at the annual Region 4 Leadership Meeting, or arrange representation if unable to attend
  • Representing the Rochester Chapter at the monthly Region 4 President’s Birds of a Feather meetings, or arrange representation if unable to attend
  • Appointing a Board member to preside at Chapter and/or Board meetings when both the President and President Elect are absent
  • Reviewing and recommending all Chapter appointments such as replacement of Board members, the Nominating Committee and any other special committees in accordance with Chapter bylaws
  • With the board, ensure prudent disbursement of Chapter funds
  • Ensure statutory and regulatory compliance in consultation with the VP of Finance

Immediate former elected volunteer responsible for overall oversight of the chapter and board in accordance with chapter policies and bylaws.

Detail duties include:

  • Maintain continuity in the chapter to help to ensure smooth board transitions
  • Assist the Board of Directors with strategic policies. Facilitate annual planning session in support of the President.
  • Proactively support and promote the work within the Board
  • Assume the role of mentor for the president
  • Assist the president in liaison with PMI if and when requiredAssume the position of chair for the nominating committee
  • Lead and direct the elections process
  • Provide ethics enforcement and guidance at the Board of Directors level
  • Support conflict resolution
  • Outreach with past presidents

The Vice President of Professional Development provides opportunities for and encourages the professional growth of our members.

Detail duties include:

  • Define strategies for improvement in professional development/training programs
  • Develop and implement a chapter professional development plan, including a program roadmap for professional development content programs
  • Responsibility for developing and coordinating the presentation of programs relating to project management for each regularly-scheduled Rochester Chapter meeting as well as the annual Professional Development Day (PDD). The content of these programs is to be consistent and in accordance with the Rochester
  • Chapter objectives.
  • Negotiating and signing contracts as needed for Chapter Events
  • Developing annual budget for programs
  • Recruiting volunteers for the programs committee, coordinate meetings and committee member tasks
  • Seek new project management professional development programs and services through networking with other educational organizations and PMI chapters
  • Promote the project management profession through the planning and coordination of special events, as identified by the chapter board, designed to enhance and expand the skills and knowledge of project managers
  • Incorporate feedback, suggestions and recommendations as necessary to enhance effectiveness and value delivered to the audience and chapter as they relate to the logistics of events/programs
  • Oversee events, presentations and training programs
    Invite key influencers from industry to participate in chapter events
  • Advance the project management profession through the planning and coordination of special events, as identified by the chapter’s board
  • Identify opportunities for expanded professional development offerings for Chapter members (meetings, webinars, training, etc)

The VP of Outreach is responsible for developing strategies for the Chapter’s outreach initiatives in the areas of corporate, community, and academic outreach. In this role, the VP of Outreach works closely with outreach program directors to set program goals and develop new initiatives.

Detail duties include:

  • Assures synergy between all PMI Rochester outreach programs
  • Appointment of Outreach Directors and Committee members
  • Oversight and direction of all chapter outreach programs:Budget control of all chapter outreach programs
  • Oversight of the PMIEF Liaison and Social Good Operations Director in planning and execution of the Chapter’s social good programs
  • Oversight of the Director of Corporate Outreach in planning and coordination of the Chapter Executive Forum. Project of the Year award, and Sponsorship Program.
  • Oversight of the ROC The Project Program Manager in planning and coordination of the annual collegiate ROC The Project competition
  • Oversight of the Director of Academic Outreach in coordination of University
  • Outreach activities

The VP of Membership is responsible for addressing the needs of the chapter membership, including recruiting and retaining members while promoting the value of PMI membership and chapter membership for Rochester and the Ithaca Branch office.

Detail duties include:

  • Develop and implement a chapter membership plan that ensures continued growth through proactive recruiting, retention and member engagement, including the establishment of measurable goals and the monitoring of success metrics for appropriate action
  • Reviewing the membership statistics for both PMI® and for the local Rochester Chapter and the Ithaca Branch Office at the monthly Board meeting
  • Answering general member/non-member information inquiries and other requests for assistance with membership and its benefits
  • Sending a letter each month to members who recently terminated their membership, encouraging them to reinstate their membership in PMI® and the Rochester Chapter.  
  • Notify Board members of these non-renewing members
  • Sending a letter each month to area PMI® members who are either new that month or renewed their membership with PMI® that month, but did not join or renew with the Chapter (Area/Prospect)
  • Sending a “Welcome to the Chapter” letter to all first-time members and include an offer to a free Chapter meeting, and a free PMI-logoed gift
  • Sending a reminder communication to members 30 days prior to their PMI membership renewal, reminding them to renew with the Chapter as well (renew next 30)
  • Maintaining a current file of PMI® members in the area who are not members of the Rochester Chapter and soliciting their affiliation with the Rochester Chapter
  • Sending information on PMI® to prospective members and recruiting new members by making presentations to interested groups
  • Providing mailing lists as requested by the Board for Chapter approved mailings
  • Provide the VP of Finance a report each month including monthly membership total for Ithaca Branch, number of renewals for Rochester and Ithaca, and number of new members for Rochester and Ithaca
  • Oversight of the Director of Volunteers, who is responsible for addressing the needs of the volunteers, including recruitment, retention, recognition, leadership development, training and support, in accordance with the chapter policies and bylaws
  • Oversight of the Director of Certification/Recertification who shall be the resource for information pertaining to earning and maintaining a PMI credentials. In addition, the Director of Certification/Recertification shall also be responsible for recording PDU’s for Chapter Members
  • Oversight of the Director of Volunteers who is responsible for ongoing support of all Volunteers in the Chapter.
  • Oversight of the Director of Onboarding and Offboarding who is responsible for administering successful onboarding and offboarding of Board members and Chapter volunteers.
  • Oversight of the Director of Recruiting, who is responsible for a new member and new volunteer recruitment strategy and execution of that strategy.

The VP of Ithaca Branch shall oversee all activities of the Ithaca Branch.  This includes presiding at all Ithaca Branch events and serving as the interface to the Ithaca members on the PMI Rochester Board.

Detail duties include:

  • Representing the Ithaca Branch on the PMI Rochester Board by attending Board meetings, Operations, and planning meetings; participating in Chapter events (Professional Development Day)
  • Partnering with other Board members to align Ithaca Branch activities with the Chapter's goals and mission
  • Oversight of Ithaca Branch professional development (developing and coordinating the presentation of programs relating to project management for each regularly scheduled Ithaca Branch meeting).  The content of these programs is to be consistent and following the Rochester Chapter objectives
  • Leading the Ithaca Branch volunteer team to meet the needs of PMI Rochester Chapter members who are geographically located in the Ithaca area
  • Managing the Ithaca Branch membership information to order to provide outreach and communications targeted to the Ithaca area
  • Directing all Ithaca Branch communications (email, website, social media)
  • Responsible for the budgeting, procurement approval, expense management, and reimbursements for Ithaca Branch activities

The VP of Governance shall oversee, coordinate and provide current and long range planning in areas concerning Bylaws, Chapter Policies and Procedures, PMIEF Grants, PMI global Awards and Elections.

Detail duties include:

  • Facilitate annual review with the Board, and update if needed, of the PMI Rochester Chapter Bylaws. Coordinate changes with PMI GOC.
  • Coordinate quarterly update, as needed, for the PMI Rochester Chapter Operations Manual
  • Reviewing and updating PMI Rochester Chapter and Branch Business Plan every 2-3 years
  • Oversight of the Director of Administration and Documentation, who will be responsible for keeping the records of all business meetings of the Rochester Chapter Board and associated communications.
  • Oversight of the Director of Scholarships and Awards working with the PMI Educational Foundation in determining eligibility of scholarships for PMI Rochester Members and Branch Members. This role has oversight over the Grants Manager and Chapter Awards.
  • Oversight of the Grants Manager and Chapter Awards to review the annual Chapter Awards package sent out by PMI(r), work with Board to obtain collaterals and information required for submission of awards, and complete the submission package
  • Oversight of Election administration and governance for the chapter.

The VP of Marketing & Communications shall coordinate all marketing for the Rochester Chapter and produce and distribute all electronic communications from the Board to the Rochester Chapter membership.

Detail duties include:

  • Annual review and update of the Chapter Marketing and Communications Strategic Plan
  • Responsible for validating all information on the website is accurate and promoting project management on all PMI Chapter social media platforms
  • Oversight of any communications (e.g., emails, monthly eBlast, etc) to the Rochester Chapter and Ithaca Branch 
  • Posting information on social media (e.g., Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram & Twitter) with the support of the Social Media Manager
  • Managing LinkedIn requests to the Rochester Chapter
  • Answering questions of the membership as submitted through the Chapter website
  • Oversight of the Director of Marketing in management of the Chapter branding strategy and development of all Marketing collateral
  • Management of Photography and Videography of Chapter events
  • Provide guidance to board members to ensure adherence to PMI® marketing guidelines in the distribution of all Chapter communications, printed and electronic
  • Working with the VP of Ithaca to ensure communications of branch activities are aligned

The VP of Finance shall oversee the management of chapter finances for duly authorized purposes of the Rochester Chapter.  The VP of Finance shall also contact a qualified individual with accounting and/or auditing experience, on an annual basis to review and report on the accounting processes of the Rochester Chapter and insure compliance with all appropriate regulatory laws.

Detail duties include:

  • Collect and manage all Rochester Chapter income
  • Maintain the Rochester Chapter checking, savings and any other investment accounts
  • Updating the checking account signature card each year to include the current President
  • Maintaining the Rochester Chapter and Ithaca Branch financial records and providing to the Board a monthly statement of finances. This includes recording each financial transaction, and reconciling all accounts on a monthly basis.
  • Handle all cash receipts and disbursements including issuing invoices and paying bills for the Rochester Chapter and Ithaca Branch
  • Preparing an annual budget to be approved by the board by the end of December for the upcoming fiscal year using input from members and Board Members.
  • Present a year-end fiscal summary and the budget for the next year at the January Rochester Chapter meeting
  • Performing additional responsibilities that are defined in section 7 Finances of this document
  • Submitting IRS Filings
  • Ensuring compliance with IRS tax code applicable to 501-c-6 “Tax Exempt” organizations including filing the appropriate 1099s and tax returns
  • Obtaining liability Insurance (dual responsibility – President & Finance Officer):
  • Ensuring chapter coverage and pay bill from PMI each year
  • Ensuring all members understand and abide by the provisions of the policy. VP of Finance to review the policy with the interested parties
  • Working with the Director of Finance for the Ithaca Branch to facilitate budgeting, procurement approval, expense management, and reimbursements for branch activities
  • Review, revise as necessary, and co-sign, along with the President and/or VP, each contract that the chapter engages in. Maintain the signed copy
  • Oversight of the Director of Finance, who will support the VP in all of the above activities

The VP of Technology is responsible for all aspects of chapter technology including the acquisition of, support/maintenance of, technology governance, and long-range and annual planning of technology in accordance with any current or future PMI procedures and guidelines.


  • Right-sizing the volunteer duties and ensuring that not any one person takes on too much
  • Separation of duty for all access in one place (rather than each portfolio granting its own access)
  • Elevating this role to a VP level would empower and provide this role with the access to the board members for all things technology
  • Budget dedicated only to technology 


  • Coordination of technical roadmap and execution for the Chapter
    Maintenance and access granting of all technology tools, including: social media accounts, shared drives, virtual meeting software, email, financial access, + more
  • Own and maintain Chapter email platform
  • Assess technologies that are being used today in the Chapter currently and document annually
  • Assess what value these technologies bring to the chapter and provide report annually
  • Provide direction and recommendations of what technologies should be used & champion adoption of new technologies
  • Participate in request for proposal (RFP) and contract negotiations (not sole negotiator)
  • Gather requirements from the board and volunteers of what the opportunities are and suggest areas of improvement 
  • Research and recommend new technologies that help grow the chapter based on requirements 
  • Coordinate and collaborate with other chapter board members and volunteers where needed
  • Collaborate and communicate with other Chapters on what technology they use