The Benefits of Disciplined Agile

We are pleased to share this enlightening presentation by Mark Lines, VP of Disciplined Agile along with Ben Breen, Director of Asia Pacific, for a global experience live from Melbourne, Australia and simulcast to four countries. Mark discusses the benefits of DA and FLEX now being part of PMI and how the redesigned DA certification program provides three foundational certifications to support each DA value proposition for organizations trying to maximize their business agility.


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Why Disciplined Agile?

Why should Teams, Agile Coaches and Executives embrace Disciplined Agile? This article gets into the brass tacks of why the tools and process as well as the WoW or Way of Working is so critical to why this approach works! Every person, every team, and every organization is unique. The implication is that you need a toolkit that provides you with choices so that you can tailor, and later evolve, an approach to address the situation that you face in practice.


The Principles

One of the great advantages of agile and lean software development is the wealth of practices, techniques, and strategies available to you. This is also one of its greatest challenges because without something like the DA toolkit it’s difficult to know what to choose and how to fit them together. In many ways Disciplined Agile (DA) does the “heavy process lifting” for you in that it shows how all of these great ideas fit together, enabling you to get on with your actual job which is to produce great solutions for your stakeholders. Disciplined Agile (DA) is a hybrid that builds upon the solid foundation of other methods and software process frameworks. DA adopts practices and strategies from existing sources and provides advice for when and how to apply them together.

The mortar to fit the bricks together effectively

The Process

Each business challenge is both unique to your situation and informed by traditional conventions. By using the DA toolkit, you and your team can better understand how seemingly segmented activities can work together in a context-sensitive manner. By understanding what these activities should address, as well as the tradeoffs associated with each, you can make more informed decisions for better business agility.

Follow the yellow brick road

The Certifications

Disciplined Agile Certification is for agile professionals working in enterprise-class settings. For individuals, certification demonstrates a comprehensive understanding of Disciplined Agile as well as a clear sign of professionalism. For the enterprise, Disciplined Agile Certification is an indication that your people have a comprehensive understanding of enterprise-class development, and not just cargo cult agile. It’s also proven to have a direct correlation between the training, experiences, and knowledge that teams with Disciplined Agile Certification are more productive, produce high-quality results, and have better morale.

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The Basics of Disciplined Agile

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