Yennifer Hernandez

PMI Rochester 2023 - 4th Qtr

2023 Volunteer of Quarter - 4th Quarter

Yennifer Hernandez demonstrated exceptional organization and dedication while facilitating an impactful event focused on raising awareness about Ageism in the workplace. Her insightful presentation, guidance, thoughtful, and engaging approach not only enriched the event but also sparked meaningful conversations and fostered an open dialogue that resonated with our audience, encouraging our community and audience to reflect on and challenge preconceived notions.

Thank you, Yennifer, for your leadership of the Ageism event!

Jen Wheelock

PMI Rochester Volunteer 2023 - 3rd Quarter

2023 Volunteer of the Quarter - 3rd Quarter

Jen was nominated for her role on the Fall PDD planning team, where she focused on the venue. Jen did an awesome job in vetting various venue options and offerings. She worked effectively with the venue in organizing food and venue layout. Jen is an engaged and enthusiastic volunteer. We are grateful for her expertise and guidance in selecting and managing the venue relationship for a successful Fall PDD.

Thank you, Jen, for all your hard work!

Kathy Cupo

PMI Rochester Volunteer 2023 - 2nd Qtr

2023 Volunteer of Quarter - 2nd Quarter

Kathy has been a volunteer with the Chapter for several years.  Most recently, she’s been leading the volunteer team for the Social Good for Youth Training through the Mayor’s Advisory Council Leadership Program. The Youth One Vision (YVOV) is dedicated to connecting, training and advising Rochester’s youth leaders, city governance, adult advisors and community stakeholders. YVOV learned critical project management skills (i.e., communication, conflict management, decision-making, accountability/trust building, and time management) and how to apply those skills in individualized project based scenarios. Kathy led other chapter volunteers  through this program in the spring 2023, and she has started planning for Spring 2024.

We greatly appreciate her dedication and service!