Zac Sweet

PMI Rochester Volunteer 2022 of Q2

2022 VOQ of Q2

Zac has been an integral part of the MarComm portfolio and leading the Technology Department of our Chapter. He is always there to solve tech issues and answer questions. He is always on top of assessing new and/or existing tech tools and making recommendations for what would bring the most value to the chapter. He holds great knowledge about the Chapter and is an absolute asset to our team of volunteers.

We greatly appreciate his dedication and service!

Talasha Person

PMI Rochester Volunteer 2022 of Q1

2022 VOQ of Q1

Talasha Person was nominated for the Q1' 2022 Volunteer of the Quarter for her outstanding dedication to the PMI Rochester Finance Team. Talasha has fulfilled three months each as Director of Expense, Director of Income, and is currently serving as Director of Finance. In each role, Talasha has shown dedication to the accuracy and detail that is required to maintain balanced accounts. She has approached each role with enthusiasm and applied project management skills to ensure success!