Talasha Person

PMI Rochester Volunteer 2022 of Q1

2022 VOQ of Q1

Talasha Person was nominated for the Q1' 2022 Volunteer of the Quarter for her outstanding dedication to the PMI Rochester Finance Team. Talasha has fulfilled three months each as Director of Expense, Director of Income, and is currently serving as Director of Finance. In each role, Talasha has shown dedication to the accuracy and detail that is required to maintain balanced accounts. She has approached each role with enthusiasm and applied project management skills to ensure success!

Manisha Mande

PMI Rochester Volunteer 2021 of Q3 & Q4

2021 VOQ Q3 & Q4

Manisha has exemplified dedication to her commitments even when roles were being changed with no grace period for acclimation. She has demonstrated that she could rise to the occasion as long as there was a clear way forward with well-articulated expectations.

Manisha was very instrumental in executing the Social Good Program with Youth Voice, One Vision (YVOV). YVOV is the Rochester Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council and is an active council of young people working together to make Rochester a better place to live, and is coordinated by the Department of Recreation & Human Services. This success was the follow-up of two previous cancellations due to COVID.

Manisha had just recently accepted the position of PMIEF Liaison which was a conversion and addition of responsibilities and supervision of the Social Good Program Manager role. However, with the turn of events, Manisha continued to hold onto the responsibilities until a replacement could be found.

Manisha has always had a positive attitude and could always be called on to brainstorm or solicit ideas for challenging events. Manisha was also instrumental in other areas and also contributed to areas of academia, awards, and social outreach within the Outreach program.

Robin Louvain

PMI Rochester Volunteer 2021 of Q1 & Q2

2021 VOQ Q1 & Q2

Robin deserves this award because of her selfless way of guiding the Membership team through a tough transition period. She assisted in onboarding two new VPs in the span of six months, against the backdrop of a challenging year overtaken by COVID-19.

 Robin is someone who always puts the team first, and she is always willing to be a helping hand and go the extra mile to answer a question for a member of a fellow volunteer. 

Thank you, Robin, for the time and efforts you have put into the Rochester Chapter!