The PMI Rochester Chapter Mentoring Program provides mentoring opportunities for members of the Rochester chapter of PMI. This program is directed toward providing you an opportunity for personalized networking by pairing you with a project management peer to facilitate knowledge sharing and mentoring relationships.  Share your valuable experience with a fellow project manager in the Greater Rochester area.

The Chapter Mentoring Program Team will facilitate team pairing after receiving applications from mentors and mentees. The mentoring relationship will be conducted between the mentor/protege pairs and their meeting frequency and schedule will be agreed upon at the beginning of the program.  Opportunities for feedback and growth will be available throughout the program and facilitated by the PMI Mentorship team.


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Provide mentees with an opportunity to:

  • Learn from experienced Professionals
  • Reflect on the effects of personal attributes and behaviors
  • Define goals of growth and a path to achieve them

Mentee Criteria:

  • Member in good standing of PMI Rochester Chapter
  • Open Minded
    • Open to feedback and suggestions provided by Mentor including constructive criticism
  • Availability:
    • Time available to commit to meeting with a mentor during formal meeting times and any additional times agreed to with the mentor.
  • Desire to grow and develop:
    • Identify goals and be open to learning and developing as you work to achieve those goals

Provide mentors with an opportunity to:

  • Enhance leadership skills by sharing their knowledge and experiences with partners
  • Assist with problem-solving
  • Act as an advisor
  • Be a good listener (for both personal and work issues)

Mentor required skills:

  • Background and experience in various levels of management

Mentor Criteria:

  • Relevant Industry PM Experience
    • Candidate must possess relevant experience in the portfolio, program and project management field.  Ideally, a candidate will have at least 10 years of experience
    • Noted expertise as a role model in terms of managing successful programs and projects
  • Motivation Skills
    • The ability to motivate others even if the task to be performed is not on the critical path
  • Critical Thinking
    • The ability to provide critical thinking and an interest to work with others on problems they may have
  • Performance and Career Development Guidance
    • The ability to provide guidance on performance and career development
  • Effective Communications Skills
    • Effective communications skills at all levels
  • Embrace Change
    • The ability to embrace change rather than resist it.  A way of looking at risks and issues and viewing them as opportunities or problems that can be solved for the overall benefit to the program and project
  • Availability
    • Time available to commit to it and ability to provide assistance to the mentee on an as-needed basis as well as at formal meeting times.
  • Current PMI Certification
    • (Optional)Candidate possesses current PMI Certification


PMI Rochester Mentoring program participants who are certified PMPs may register time spent in mentoring activities for PDUs. Guidelines for recording PDUs are available in the Mentoring Program Guide.

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