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2020 Suffrage Centennial On-Line Exhibition

Diversity and Inclusion
Have you heard of Alice Paul (1885 - 1977)  and the online exhibition about her?
Alice Paul was born on January 11, 1885 at her family home, Paulsdale, in Mount Laurel, NJ.  She was one of the suffragists leading the last stages of the effort to get ratification of the 19th amendment that gave women the right to vote. Paul was one of the women who was jailed and force-fed in prison. A few years after the 19th amendment was passed Paul wrote the Equal Rights Amendment (section i: Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of sex).
Today the Alice Paul Institute (API) is at Paulsdale (https://www.alicepaul.org). Check out the site for more info on Paul. They have a 2020 Suffrage Centennial On-Line Exhibition at https://www.alicepaul.org/2020-exhibition/.The exhibition includes items of Alice Paul and various monthly issues of The Suffragist, to mention a few.
A quote by Paul: "To me there is nothing complicated about ordinary equality."


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